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This year at WEFTEC 2017, Water Talk hosts Todd Schnick and Bill Kind discussed the biggest challenges facing the world of water and wastewater with leading industry experts live from the exhibition floor.

USP Technologies Vice-President, Technology and Program Development, John Walton was one of the experts that Todd interviewed, you can listen to the interview here.

John Walton Interviewed at WEFTEC 2017

Topics Covered in the Interview Include

– An overview of USP Technologies: full-service solutions for wastewater treatment and odor control.

– What sets USP Technologies apart from others in the industry.

– Example of application of client the City of Jacksonville
USP Technologies manages the odor control program in the collections system, just one element that helped the City to win an environmental stewardship award. Jacksonville is a very large facility and USP Technologies manages a couple of dozen chemical installations throughout the city.

– How a focus of USP Technologies is to provide savings to customers with new solutions, such as the demands for supplemental carbon and biological nutrient removal.

– How USP Technologies has patents whereby we can recycle or regenerate iron in-situ, as opposed to buying more iron.

– More…