Peracetic Acid for Wastewater Treatment

USP offers turn-key peracetic acid programs, equipment and services for industrial and municipal applications.

We provide the highest level of safety, performance and operation reliability in the industry.

Peracetic Acid (PAA) is an organic peroxide compound with the formula CH₃CO₃H. It’s environmentally-friendly as it hydrolyzes to acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in water.

It’s a broad-spectrum biocide with a fast reaction time (minutes rather than hours), and leaves no harmful by-products. PAA is also a strong oxidant and disinfectant with oxidation potential higher than that of chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

PAA is available in the form of equilibrium mixture which also contains hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid (vinegar) and water as shown by the following equation:

H3CO2H + H2O2 = CH3CO3H + H2O

Acetic Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide = Peracetic Acid + Water

Industrial Peracetic Acid Applications

Peracetic acid is used in many industrial treatment applications such as: sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) control, frac water ponds, wastewater disinfection and biofouling control in machine white water circuits.
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Municipal Peracetic Acid Applications

Peracetic acid (PAA) is used for chlorine replacement in municipal wastewater disinfection,and is a low-capital alternative to UV, chlorine dioxide and ozone.
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Benefits of Peracetic Acid

  • Highly effective microbial kill
  • No formation of chlorinated by-products
  • Stable in storage
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Environmentally friendly decomposition products
  • Long shelf life (12 to 18 Months)
  • Minimal pH and temperature dependence