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USP Technologies to Introduce New Sulfide Control Technology at WEFTEC

USP Technologies will be presenting its industry-leading, full-service wastewater chemical treatment programs at WEFTEC’s Technical Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans September 24 – 29, 2016 at Booth #3734.

At the show, USP Technologies will be introducing a new sulfide control technology, Cloevis, a biofilm removal service. This novel technology was developed to control sewer odor and corrosion in force mains and it is being developed and marketed exclusively through USP Technologies in North America.

USP Technologies has been granted an exclusive global license for this new technology from UniQuest, the main commercialization company of The University of Queensland, Australia.

“The Cloevis technology is an innovative and cost-effective solution that can eliminate odors and reduce the cause of infrastructure corrosion, thereby mitigating major ongoing problems for water utilities,” said Tom Walkosak, General Manager of USP Technologies. “This technology is different from existing treatments because it is delivered intermittently, provides longer duration control and effectively stops the production of hydrogen sulfide at its source – the biofilm that grow on pipe walls.”

USP Technologies will also exhibit its wide range of proven odor and corrosion control, solids processing, nutrient removal, disinfection and organic deconstruction technologies for water and wastewater treatment in the municipal and industrial markets throughout the United States and Canada.

Some of the full-service technology offerings that will be featured include:

  • Cloevis – Biofilm Removal Service for Sulfide Control
  • PRI-SC® – Peroxide Regenerated Iron for Sulfide Control
  • PRI-CEPT® – Peroxide Regenerated Iron for Enhanced Primary Treatment
  • PRI-DE™ – Peroxide Regenerated Iron for Digester Sulfide and Struvite Control
  • USP-OC31 – Chlorite Oxidant Blend for Sulfide Control
  • Peracetic Acid (PAA) – Wastewater Disinfection/Chlorine Replacement

“USP Technologies provides our customer partners with customized treatment programs that best fit their unique process challenges while focusing on cost savings and performance monitoring. We have been providing turn-key chemical treatment programs for more than 20 years and our unique business approach of working intimately and collaboratively with customers to solve complex water treatment problems sets us apart. WEFTEC provides us a great opportunity to connect with customers and discuss our technologies and full service program offering,” stated Mr. Walkosak.

Hope to see you there! You can visit the WEFTEC 2016 site here. 

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